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An ordinary child from North Manchester growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, with no mobile phones, internet or video games and at first no TV.  Fun was self-created and imaginative: cricket in the narrow cul-de-sac, exploring wildlife in the local mill pond, cowboy and Indian games and hopscotch, Grandma’s footsteps and hide and seek.  Everything was new, all painted on a blank canvas - schools, holidays in Southport, the first camera; bonfire night with parkin and treacle toffee and Christmas with paper streamers across the ceiling, home-made puddings with hidden silver threepenny bits.  And then a teenager: new music from the Beatles, and folk and protest music led by Bob Dylan; tight flared jeans, Chelsea boots and ever-shortening short skirts; long hair; and acquaintance with the opposite sex in the spin-the-bottle game.  And then the childhood was over.  Would I willingly go through it again?  Most certainly.

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