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Welcome to my webpage.  Although my main career was as a consultant neurologist, I now produce original works within the realms of literature and photography.  The first two novels, Teddy Bear’s Triumph and DRY Out! are humorous works based around hospital medical practice but more serious novels are now becoming available.

The poetry collections are mostly lighthearted except for Lines to the Lost, which is based on the emotions following bereavement.

The photobooks are mostly based on travel experiences but the book Images is a collection of photographic art.

All of these books are available to purchase, if you wish.  Please click on the appropriate links on the pages.

Feel free to browse using the menu on the left or above.  I hope you enjoy the work.

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Harvey Sagar

                  Photograph above:  Northumbrian Coast, from the    collection, Images

   C    © Harvey Sagar 2013