Sorrows to the Stone

by Harvey Sagar

Sorrows to the Stone cropped cover

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Muonasa, a Christian, travels to London under a spell from a rural healer in Nigeria, who told her she has a serious disease and a bad spirit within her and needs help from a doctor and a priest in England.  She carries a magic stone, found in the Nigerian countryside, for good luck.  She becomes trapped into prostitution, which she initially accepts as part of the route to well-being directed by the healer.

Muonasa life is not easy.  She is under the control of a pimp.  Her psychiatrist’s daughter, who is addicted to drugs and mentally disturbed, thinks she is a threat.  His wife is jealous,  Her priest counsellor gives her money which she sends back to the healer in Nigeria via her brother but he is corrupt and disapproving of her lifestyle.  Her only friend, a fellow prostitute, disappears.  Muonasa returns to Christianity and decides to abandon prostitution.

Muonasa’s burnt body is found in a graveyard, but how did it happen?  Was it murder and who was the perpetrator?   And the magic stone - where does that feature in Muonasa’s life and death?

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    C    © Harvey Sagar 2013