Teddy Bear’s Triumph (Tales from a Medical Allotment)

by Harvey Sagar


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    Doctors’ and lawyers’ eccentricity can border on farce; patients can be funny as well as sad; and the rigours of medical training and practice require means of escape and relief.

    “I blame my mother.  And my teddy bear.  Well not really, but without those two I wouldn’t be writing this book...” begins a semi-autobiographical account of the journey of a hospital doctor from childhood aspirations to practising consultant in neurology.  Told in the first person, the book relates the author’s observations on people and events around him as he progresses through medical education, junior doctor training and consultancy.  The story of two years spent in the USA includes non-medical as well as medical experiences.

    Although the approach is principally humorous, it includes elements of pathos and bitter-sweetness and some mostly light-hearted cynicism.

    Within that context, the book gives an insight into the ups and downs of relationships with patients, nurses, consultants and other hospital staff and describes experiences in out-patient clinics, ward work and emergency on call.  It includes anecdotes about medication, visiting patients at home, research conferences abroad and working with the pharmaceutical industry.  From work as an expert witness for the legal profession, the author provides witty accounts of conferences with barristers, examination of cases in prison and attendance at court.

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    C    © Harvey Sagar 2013