Preview: Daisy Chains

First Day at School

I remember the first day that I went to school;

Mum kissed me and said she’d see me again soon.

She said that I would find lots of friends

But I saw none despite searching from morning ‘til noon.

The teacher seemed nice but she looked like my grandma

Except that I never saw a smile leave her face.

Like my grandma, her voice was high-pitched and posh

But her clothes were different: just drab, a disgrace.

I sat next to a girl who did little but scratch

And things like earwigs ran free through her hair.

I remember seeing little insects like that

At the zoo, when Mum made me look at a bear.

Later on in the morning, we had to do painting;

Teacher said we should create from our heart.

That scared me because I thought she meant blood,

So my creation was doomed from the start.

The boy on my right said his name was Bon Jovi

And to be honest I found it hard to believe him.

When he said his Dad was Major of New York,

I knew that he was just daft, stupid and dim.

At least we had lunch though I can’t say it was great;

The meat was like cardboard and the chips were all wet.

Like the fool that he was, Bon Jovi swallowed it all.

He’d eat the knives and the forks, if he could, I would bet.

As we travelled back home, Mum asked how it had been

And if my day had been filled with new things and fun.

She asked what had been the best thing of the day;

I thought hard before choosing the tea and cream bun. 


I Lost My Teddy Bear 

Once, in a playground, I lost my teddy bear;

I thought he had left me for ever.

I cried like a fountain, snuggled up in my bed

And I thought I might hide there for ever.

Then my best friend, the owl, fell onto the pillow;

He was cuddly, soft, warm and kind.

He usually sat on the top of the headboard 

But he came down to sort out my mind.

Some say that toy animals are not able to speak

But I knew he was talking to me.

He told me Teddy would return as before;

He’ll be back again, just wait and see. 

I went off to sleep, dreamt of eating ice cream,

Which with joy I shared with my bear.

Then Teddy said, “Snooze; I’ll see you again in the morning”

But, on wakening, he was not there.

I searched round the playground to see where he was

But found only crisp packets and cans.

in sadness, I went home and walked round the garden,

Wishing Teddy was there in my hands.

And there by the garage I found him asleep;

I gave him my dearest embraces.

Sometimes one who is lost can give us surprise

By coming back in the strangest of places.

    C    © Harvey Sagar 2013